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Heirloom Quilts and More

We specialize in traditional heirloom quilts, elegant handmade quilts, patchwork quilts, classic heirloom quilts, custom quilts, grandmothers fan quilts and more. We also offer custom quilting services and products including double wedding ring, 9 patch, log cabin quilts, Irish chain quilts, appliqué quilts, tumbling blocks, paper pieced quilts. Our custom made quilts are available in all shapes and sizes including queen, double, twin, lap, and baby sized quilts. Ask about our custom table runners, place mats, tote bags, pillows, wall quilts.

This is where we will decide on your best color choices. The best way is to choose 3 or 4 main colors from here and then based on the difficulty of the design, 2 to 4 complementary colors will be chosen to balance the selection. If you are unsure at this point contact me directly for help and suggestions.

I have seen many quilt sites but none seem to offer quality custom service. These will be made start to finish with a one-on-one assistance from myself. I will strive for a 100% satisfaction rate with all customers.

My prices are fair and competitive with my fellow quilters and my mission is 100% satisfaction. Once materials are purchased and the project is started there will be limited chances for changes to the design. As you might well know fabric stores will not refund for fabric purchases.
We only use quality fabrics and quality thread. All fabrics used are machine washed, dried and ironed to ensure the fabric color is not going to run. All fabrics are a cotton or cotton/poly blend with cotton batting, unless otherwise specified. Smoke free work space and pet fur and dander free.

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Handmade Quilts and Colors

To talk about handmade quilts and colors one has to think about color theory and then color scheme. Color theory is basically what colors mean and how they are combined and or mixed to make other colors.
To start, there are the primary colors, Blue, Red and Yellow.

There are then the secondary colors; these colors are formed by mixing any two of the primary colors together. Green from yellow and blue, Orange from red and yellow, Purple from Red and blue etc. We use these combinations often in making our custom quilts.

Finally there are a set of tertiary colors which are made from taking the secondary color and mixing it with its neighboring color. For example you have green and mix a little yellow into it its now greenish yellow, red orange, blue purple...etc.

Color Schemes

By taking the previous information using it like paint to a canvas, we implement the colors of your choosing into our heirloom quilts. Colors can be warm, neutral or cool. Warm colors are vivid and intense and often bring objects to the foreground. Cool colors feel calming and soothing. Within the colors we can alter their appearance by adding other colors to make hues.

A tint is made by adding white to it. 
A shade is made by adding black.
A tone is made by adding gray to a color.

When combining colors together you have to keep in mind what you are trying to convey. Are you looking for happiness, calmness, or memories? Are you trying to make something to go with the decor of a certain room?

I try to keep these thoughts in my head when I am choosing my pallet. Colors evoke emotions and can influence the way you feel or react to different situations. How one color makes you feel, somebody else may feel the absolutely opposite about it based on personal or cultural backgrounds.

Color Meanings

Warm Colors

Red: passion, stability, energy and love
Orange: pleasure, creativity, enthusiasm and autumn
Yellow: humor, intellect, logic, happy, and sunsets

Cool Colors

Green: balance, harmony, love and nature
Blue: calm, peace, love, depth and trust
Purple: imagination, artistic, royal and mystical

Neutral Colors

Brown: rustic, earthy and warm
Black: power, mystery, earth and stability
White: freshness, light and clarity
Grey: security and maturity
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